Your untapped potential.

I believe in fairness, transparency and the unique potential of each and every individual. I believe that if you uncover, or re-discover a path in life that closely matches your natural skills and personality that you were created with then you will find increased happiness. 

Many people do not realise their skills, or understand their natural talents or personality traits. Some find that coaching can help to bring increased awareness of these, and in becoming more aware of them, they are able to move forward in new ways. 

Others find themselves with a specific issue, or area where they try a number of approaches but seem stuck, unable to move forward. Coaching can help, holding up a mirror, and allowing them to see themselves in new ways and to understand issues with new perspective. Often this unlocks untapped potential and allows them to move forward in new ways.

Whilst there will always be those greater and lesser than yourself, what could be more rewarding than striving to be the best you can be, to serve both others and yourself more effectively. It would be my pleasure to assist you on the journey.

Chris Dixon (BSc, MSc)