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Language and Leadership – Practical

In this post, we looked at the key role that our language can play in our leadership and we explored a couple of models that perhaps say something about the role of language and help us understand the language that we use a bit more. However, in all likelihood if we understand this then we …

Work Language Issues – A Poem

What rubbish people say at work. I mean, there are just so many crazy phrases that don’t actually mean anything, add anything and most “normal” people would agree are pointless. Enjoy this poetic exploration of work phrases.

Simplify – How complex can that be?

Complexification is a problem. Left unchecked it can fill your diary and overtake your life, giving you no space and leading to you becoming demotivated. It’s not easy to fix, but this post will look at the causes and give you some practical tips to make things simpler.

The three pillars

These three pillars of satisfaction keep coming back to me as themes in coaching. Where they come from I can’t remember, but they are valuable in thinking about what is holding people back.